Aztec’s got FlushSash pegged

February 10, 2017

The Coventry-based company was the first to adopt the mechanically jointed FlushSash PVC-U system and found that it quickly became popular with a variety of customers, for use in both heritage homes and in more contemporary settings in a range of colours.

Director Michael Hagan explains: “With its clean lines and flush style, we’ve found the FlushSash to be a very versatile system. We have branded it as the Prestige Collection® and it’s been specified in some quite modern settings, but we’ve found that it is particularly suited to historic homes and heritage projects. For this reason, we decided to expand upon its Georgian features with a traditional-style working peg stay. We designed and commissioned bespoke pin fixings that make this peg stay work perfectly with the Halo system.

“This new feature is exclusively available on the FlushSash by request. It started off as a matter of aesthetics, making the window look even more authentically traditional, but after consultation with our customer base it became apparent they wanted a working peg stay, not just decorative.

“Customers love our fully mechanically jointed system. It means you can even glaze the window on site as it doesn’t require glass bonding.”

Dawn Stockell, Marketing Director of The VEKA UK Group commented: “Aztec was the first Halo customer to take the mechanically jointed FlushSash and the team have done a fantastic job of promoting its many benefits, even expanding on its style features to meet the desires of their customer base with the new peg stay. Aztec has been fabricating Halo systems for more than ten years, and has a fantastic reputation for quality, so I’m sure the new addition to the system will be very well received.”

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