Approved Installer Scheme Works for Customers

March 7, 2015

The Approved Fabricator and Installer scheme was launched at the FIT Show in 2014 and has already seen around 400 companies sign up to its package of professional marketing support and lead generation.

As part of the scheme, Approved Installers make a commitment to only sourcing high-specification VEKA systems from Approved Fabricators, reassuring customers that their products and installations are of the industry’s highest standards.

There is also an online Marketing ‘Hub’ as National Sales Manager for the Approved Installer Scheme, Amy Grundy, explains: “the advantages of Approved status include access to a dedicated online Marketing Hub, loaded with professionally designed marketing materials that can be customised with the company’s own logo, contact details and more.

“In the last four months alone, more than 5000 items have been personalised and ordered through this fantastic facility!

“This is a sure sign that we’re offering exactly what our installers and fabricators want and we’re very proud of the system.

“As if all this marketing support wasn’t enough, the Approved Installer Scheme proved its worth, once again recently, by being the differentiating factor that secured a substantial contract for one of our Approved Installers.

“For Modplan customer Ultimate Window Systems, being an Approved Installer made the crucial difference in winning a particular retail job. Apparently, membership of an Approved Installer scheme had been one of the homeowner’s main criteria in choosing a company to work with.

“We’re delighted that our offering is making such a positive difference for our customers, especially considering that it is entirely free of charge to join the Approved Installer Scheme!”

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