An Inspirational Journey from Struggle to Success

September 5, 2023

When K.T. Cook walked through the doors of VEKA plc for a work experience stint, little did she know it would be a turning point in her life. Today, she’s not just an apprentice engineer at the company, but a remarkable testament to how perseverance and a nurturing environment can unlock potential.

K.T. has faced many challenges in life and struggled immensely at school. Her GCSE predicted grades were discouraging. However, the nurturing team at VEKA provided her the support she needed to not just pass her exams but discover her true calling—engineering. She quotes, “If you don’t try, you won’t succeed,” embodying her fighting spirit. The experience inspired her to apply for an engineering apprenticeship, and she’s now successfully a year into the program.

Thriving at VEKA 

K.T. has taken to engineering like a fish to water. She loves logic, problem-solving, and fault-finding. She says, “The engineering team are awesome. We always have a good day.” Her drive for continuous learning and team spirit fits perfectly with VEKA’s ethos. K.T. has also completed a first aid at work course and aspires to become a first-response paramedic, alongside her day job, once she turns 18. 

Besides her apprenticeship, K.T. has been deeply involved with the army cadets. She’s currently a member of Briefield Army Cadets and has been pivotal in running the Burnley branch for around 3 years. Following a recent trip to the cadet group’s annual camp, K.T. was promoted to cadet sergeant after completing her instructor course, despite facing many challenges along the way —like being involved in a car accident just two days beforehand. She also recalls getting stung by a wasp five times during her instructor course! Talk about perseverance… 

She’s committed to motivating the younger cadets, emphasising the mantra, “Try and try again.” 

Sporting Achievements 

K.T. also has an impressive record in rugby. She won the rugby nationals with the army cadet force team in April 2023, and received the “Girl of Steel” award with Burnley Belvedere later that Spring. These achievements underline her incredible resilience and drive. 

K.T. leads a somewhat unique lifestyle, currently residing on a canal boat, which she took a two-day course to be able to drive herself. But that’s not all; she’s an animal lover who keeps horses, guinea pigs, rabbits, sheep, dogs, and ducks at the marina. 

K.T’s journey has been nothing short of inspirational. Her story proves that with the right support and an indomitable spirit, you can overcome any obstacle. VEKA plc is proud to have played a role in her incredible transformation. As she focuses on completing her apprenticeship and inspiring others, her story serves as an invaluable lesson in determination, passion, and the power of a supportive community – we’re so pleased to have you as part of the VEKA family, K.T. 

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