A touch of colour

November 5, 2019

Research tells us that – when it comes to investing in home improvements – homeowners are highly motivated by performance. The driving force in contacting an installer to replace windows and doors is likely to be practical or financial; i.e. my room is too draughty, my heating bills are too high, I’m spending too much time and energy on maintenance.
A consumer Which? survey about double glazing states that 51% of people surveyed bought it to make their home warmer, and 44% to reduce their energy bills.

But when it comes to which new frames to choose, the final decision is more likely to be based on aesthetics. We know from our own sales figures that colour continues to play a major role.

Across the industry, we’re seeing continued growth in the demand for coloured product. On-trend colour combinations and realistic woodgrain effects let consumers inject personality into the exterior of their properties, and installers that can provide sought after shades with swift turnarounds will find they are well positioned to take advantage of this market.

Laminated profile makes up 40% of VEKA Group sales and 50% of VEKA Vertical Sliders now feature colours from our Variations collection. We’ve seen the colour trend grow across residential, commercial and public sectors and we are investing millions in the manufacture of laminated profile, to continue providing the best product and service in the industry.

A large proportion of the £5M invested in the VEKA UK plant last year was focussed on the lamination department, including the purchase of a dedicated lamination building which grew the existing 380,000 sq ft site by a further 40,000 sq ft.

Aside from colour alone, the ‘finish’ of a frame can also make or break a sale. Demand is evident for the ‘Grand Designs’ look of aluminium, but with a smaller price tag wherever possible.

Our brand new ultramatt SPECTRAL finish, unveiled at this year’s FIT Show has already received high praise and proven to be a valuable sales tool for our customers to add to their portfolio. SPECTRAL uses next generation surface technology to create an extraordinary finish that simply cannot be matched by any other matt PVCu surface on the market.

Bradley Scott Windows’ MD Andy Farrington said that SPECTRAL was a major deciding factor in the decision to switch profile suppliers after 20 years, and the company had already received an order for a full house of SPECTRAL frames in just the first few weeks with VEKA UK.

Apparently the Aztec Windows team were pricing jobs using SPECTRAL swatches the day after we launched it at the FIT Show, and Rugby Double Glazing’s Simon Wade said that sophisticated colours and finishes like SPECTRAL are “the future of our business”.

Tradesmith was quick to add SPECTRAL to the company’s Hailsham showroom, with MD Mark Hutchinson hailing it “a real attention grabber”

It’s no surprise then that SPECTRAL was soon shortlisted for ‘New Product of the Year’ at the G19 Awards.

Available in Graphite Black, Anthracite Grey, Platinum Grey and Umbra Grey, SPECTRAL is unlike anything else in the industry and is exclusive to VEKA Group within the PVCu profile industry. It uses ground-breaking technology to create an ultrasmooth, ultramatt finish with unrivalled performance benefits.

Having identified a trend towards smooth finishes that emulate aluminium, VEKA invested in R&D to develop a new, highly durable matt surface finish to appeal to changing customer needs. It is highly scratch resistant, has anti-fingerprint properties and is also extremely resistant to UV light, extreme weather conditions and harsh chemicals. Dirt can be wiped away with ease, for a product that stays beautiful for longer.

By absorbing rather than reflecting light, SPECTRAL offers a denser, richer quality of colour, and because it is velvet to the touch, it feels just as good as it looks.

Along with commercial customers and specifiers, SPECTRAL meets the demands of increasingly design-savvy homeowners. Resources like Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest host millions of images of #HomeImprovements and #HomeInspo which continue to inspire and encourage discerning customers to demand excellence in aesthetics and product design, with flawless finishes.

High end colour options, especially from stock, and sophisticated finishes like SPECTRAL (with perfectly colour-matched solid panels available) are an ideal way for installers to gain an edge over the competition and take advantage of such as area of growth in an otherwise fairly flat market.

VEKA UK is proud to be part of the family-owned global VEKA Group, which celebrates 50 years in business this year and provides the world’s most specified systems. SPECTRAL is yet another VEKA product to illustrate how we continue to lead the industry, invest in UK manufacturing, and innovate with systems that can’t be matched.

Whether or not SPECTRAL claims the G19 Award in November, this innovative product is already winning favour, winning fans and winning valuable contracts for our customers.

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