A Site to Behold

December 3, 2019

Some people might think of manufacturing and fenestration as traditional, ‘bricks and mortar’ industries.
But here at VEKA, the skills required are increasingly digital. Training and development programmes mean our teams are always learning new digital skills, and technology and software is kept completely up to date, so we stay ahead of the curve in a competitive market, making it easier for our customers to do the same.

We run a state-of-the art factory with technically advanced onsite PVCu mixing plant and testing lab, as well as a completely automated high bay system connected to our digital ordering system.

Within this high tech mix, I believe VEKA’s website is one of the company’s most valuable assets (alongside our people and products!) – which is why we’ve recently invested in a completely new design and build. It means that customers can find out everything they need to know about VEKA UK and its systems, at any time.

A competitive web presence has become a core business requirement in all industries and fenestration is no exception. We’re seeing increasing numbers of people going online to find the goods, services and information they need. In fact, between Jan 2018 and 2019 the number of internet users in the UK increased by +0.6% or an additional 369,000 people!*

Our investment in the new website is a response to the way that the industry and the digital landscape around us is changing. Compared to, say, 20 years ago – when searching for something online via your phone was unheard of – it’s reported that 77% of the UK’s adult population now uses a smartphone, and people spend an average 5 hours 46 minutes online per day (on any device). It was important to us that the new site was not only easy to use, but also fully mobile responsive and just as intuitive to navigate in this format as on a desktop computer.

We’re incredibly proud of the new site, and while it may well say VEKA in the URL, it was developed with our customers firmly at its heart. In the global VEKA Group’s 50th anniversary year, we know we must continue to provide everything our customers need, to maintain our industry-leading status.

Using visitor data from our old site and drawing from digital best practice learnings; we developed a site that is easy to navigate and supports an array of visitor types. We know that hardworking fabricators and specifiers don’t keep a ‘9 to 5’ day, so the website gives 24 hour access to all the relevant resources, presented in such a way that they can be downloaded and used immediately with absolute confidence.

We’ve simplified access to VEKA documentation, brochures and technical downloads by adding a filter functionality, and they are more readily available to all, rather than being tucked away in a ‘customers only’ area. This has already proven to be a popular update, as our ‘year on year’ (YOY) web comparisons show a 52% increase in downloads and a 146% increase in users’ first interaction to downloads.

The new site has demonstrated a raft of successful results so far; we’ve seen a 22.88% increase in users and a 25% increase in new users (YOY). The site has also demonstrated a -15.75% decrease in bounce rate which suggests that the information provided is holding readers’ attention and people are finding the results they’re looking for without deterrents.

We created a dedicated downloads area for the new site – with a free text search facility and simple-to-use filters – which means it takes just moments to access the information you need. Navigation through the site is also more direct, so individuals from all industry sectors know exactly where to go.

One of the most innovative features is the intuitive dashboard area. Registering for the site allows you to personalise your dashboard by saving your favourite documents for quick access, as well as selecting brand and product preferences for suggested items.

When signed in, the dashboard will automatically display your recent downloads and send notifications when a document you’ve saved has since been updated. In this area you’ll also find the direct contact details of your BDM, as well as receiving personalised messages from them here, so you’ll know when they plan to visit or if they’re away.

Everything on the new site has been created with customers in mind, including the homeowner area which gives consumers a better understanding of who and what VEKA UK ‘is’, so they are aware of product brands VEKA, Halo and Imagine’s countless benefits when it comes to choosing an installer and investing in home improvements.

This is the second of two purposeful websites we’ve built in the last six months (this new VEKA UK site follows the success of the new Independent Network site) and we’re delighted with the results.

Take a look for yourself, at www.veka.co.uk

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